Botalite is an AI-supported private messaging chatbot tool that builds, strengthens, and transforms the relations of media outlets, CSOs, and other community-oriented organization’s with their communities.

Engage with your whole community, one message at a time.

Botalite enables organizations to manage bidirectional interactions with large-scale communities to help build a better understanding between you and your community.

Stay up to speed so your community stays up to date.

Botalite’s AI tools allow organizations to provide automated responses to user messages, so your community gets the information they need, when they need it.

Meet your community, wherever they are.

Botalite’s chatbot tools can be made available on any private messaging platform with an API. This includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

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Our specialized messaging solution for fact-checking organizations

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Data-based decisions

with the support of an early warning system for viral disinformation campaigns

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Efficient management

assigns and monitors what your team of fact-checkers is working on

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Improved research

analyzing trends and with API access for researchers

Fight disinformation on private messaging platforms

Factalite is a natural language semi-automated chatbot for WhatsApp and other private messaging apps, linked to a centralized database and platform designed to tackle disinformation circulating on private messaging platforms in all formats: text, audio, image, and video.

Deliver the information citizens need

Factalite allows fact-checkers and media outlets to deliver verified information automatically to users that report disinformation and provide citizens with additional services including media literacy courses, newsletters, and surveys.

Transform the newsroom workflow

An AI-supported database system transforms the workflow of journalists and fact-checkers by enabling the automated matching and collection of disinformation content reported by users.

Organizations that trust in our products

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How does Botalite work?

The conversational agent employs Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing tools that enable organizations to crowdsource, organize and analyze disinformation content and provide automated replies to user queries. Botalite is a powerful tool to organize received content, prioritize what to debunk and collect disinformation data for further analysis.

Product standard features

Content search with multimedia (Al matching) and text Multimedia newsletters with scheduling capability Multimedia bulletin (requested by user) Content distribution by request as defined path Automated early warning alerts Surveys Multimedia interactive courses

Who are we?

Botalite SL is a tech company based in Spain totally owned by Foundation that develops automated conversational chatbots for messaging apps focused on fact-checking, media outlets and social organizations.
We began as a company focused on conversational tools to improve organization’s service to citizens and reduce the spread of disinformation on private messaging apps. The semi-automated chatbot solution developed for in Spain was awarded the European Press Prize in Innovation in 2021.