A tech solution that serves
both citizens & fact-checkers

A natural language chatbot in WhatsApp, and adaptable social messaging apps, linked to a platform to tackle disinformation in private messaging channels in all formats: text, audio, image and video. 

Botalite allows fact-checkers to deliver fact-checks automatically to users that report disinformation and serve citizens with media literacy tools and materials. On top of that,  it improves the workflow of journalists and fact-checkers by enabling the collection of disinformation content sent by users in an automated manner, allows academic research and investigation on the disinformation phenomena and enables an early warning system of viral disinformation campaigns. 
How does Botalite work? 
Through the Whatsapp API, the conversational agent enables fact-checkers to crowdsource, organize and analyze disinformation content and give automated replies to user queries. Botalite is a powerful tool to organize received content, prioritize what to debunk and collect disinformation data for further analysis. 

A natural language
chatbot in WhatsApp

A natural
language chatbot in WhatsApp

Embedded signup for Factalite users

This is the access to the Embedded Signup System in order to onboard the WhatsApp API using Botalite as a Business Service Provider.
Follow the instructions by logging in with an authorized Meta account on your Meta Business Suite or your WABA account if you already have one.
Through this log in, Botalite as your BPS will be able to onboard you in just a few minutes.
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